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 We offer Stem Cell  Therapy, which May promote healing and tissue generation in those suffering from autoimmune, degenerative, inflammatory, and ischemic conditions. Our team is highly skilled and committed to the goal of alleviating your symptoms, enhancing your functionality, and improving your quality of life and well-being.   

*Christy - if you ever wanted to try something, this is it!


Knee Pain

Shoulder Pain

Frozen Shoulder

Hip Pain

Elbow or Wrist Pain

Foot Pain or Plantar Fascitis


*"My knees feel so so much better"

Karen - " If you really want to make a change, this is it"

*"I can't walk down the hall without people noticing how much I've changed"

About our life changing programs

Stop Pain With Stem Cell Therapy

Welcome to the newest technology, stem cell therapy.  These stem cells help your body heal itself naturally.  Stem cells are basically "baby" cells that can be used anywhere and help the body heal itself.  So at the area of problem, these stem cells can go there, promote growth and decreased inflammation and help heal the body naturally.  We can do 1, 2  or 3 injections  depending upon the person.   In addition, we follow up with non-physical REHAB which includes pulsed electromagnetic frequency, natural supplements and dietary advice to maximize your body healing. This can be done with chronic knee, hip, shoulder, neck and back problems. 

 If you have been told your have to have surgery and you would like another option, come see us.  If you've been told you just have to learn to live with it, come see us.  If you've thought you've tried everything available, come see us.

Personalized Weight Loss

 With years of success and experience, we have weight loss down to a science.  No meds, No hormones, No surgery and No stimulants!   We can get your body in fat loss fast and get your body balanced and healthy at the same time.

Unlike other programs that give you a bag of stuff and say "see you in 40 days", our program is completely customized to balance YOUR body. It is also supervised.  You'll text the doctor daily so we can make sure you will reach you goals and have all of your questions answered.

Use our whole body weight loss or our lipo laser for a certain body area.

Get Healthy

 Our goal is to get your body functioning as GOOD AS POSSIBLE.  In other words, OPTIMIZE your HEALTH!  We have the technology and knowledge to get your body to function at highest level possible.  Whether you want to compete at a high athletic level or you want to be able to perform your normal daily activities, we can help you get there.  Achieve the things that you want or maybe never even thought that you could.  God gave us an incredible body that can do AMAZING, AMAZING things if given the right opportunity.

Results may vary from person to person. Stem cells do not treat any condition, they help the body heal itself.


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About Us

Services for members only. Dr. Kirk Price DPSc practices as a natural healthcare practitioner, not as a chiropractor. PMA license #1181542 Pastoral Medical Association." 

*Results may vary from person to person.

Stem cells do not treat or cure any condition or disease.

Optimize Health partners with Illini Cares.  Dr. Price is an employee of Illini Cares

Stem cell therapy is performed by a licensed M.D. under another licensed corporation, Illini Cares